Swift user experience

Organic animation
with 3D CSS transitions

Slick introduces the most advanced organic animation that didn't exist on any other popular templates. You can create apple like organic animation through HTML code. Magically.

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It's a pain to change the design of an existing layout using CSS. If you have no prior knowledge of CSS, you'll be doomed. You will end up hiring a developer to customize an HTML template and launch your website. Or scratch your back thinking where to make changes.

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Slick, the most futuristic template, combines both design and technology, renovated to maximize your projects' aesthetics and user experience.

Crafted with Bootstrap 4, the grid layout and responsive breakpoints make Slick perfectly responsive for every devices, from iPhone to iMac and anything in between.

Manage your spaces, gaps, fonts, colors, sizes, borders and everything painlessly with the preinstalled 2500+ CSS helper classes, no need to write any CSS at all.

Rigorously tested, we made sure slick works on all popular browsers, and also have backward compatibility even with internet explorer and IE edge.

The Missing Parts of Bootstrap 4

With the extended version of Bootstrap 4, Slick has limitless possibilities to create an awesome design that matches
the modern web design trend.

Write your story

Whether you are a blogger, travelers or seasonal writers, you can create simple and engaging blogs with Slick.

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